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Is Ann Coulter ProLife?

I really don’t think so. This is the second time she’s written with a negative tone about immigrants and “their expensive premature babies”. This whole chapter is on how WORTHLESS (her words, NOT mine) most recent immigrants to America are. I guess that for her, the only lives that matter are American, if and only if they’re like minded Conservatives (she seems to think liberals are better off dead, too, rather than wasting her time, space, and money).

“Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole” by Ann Coulter –

“So it’s lucky, in a way, that Democrats are the party of government workers. Unending immigration means we need rafts of government workers to educate non-English speakers, teach cultural sensitivity classes, arrest criminals, man prisons, clean up parks, distribute food stamps, arrange subsidized housing, and work in hospital emergency rooms to deliver all those premature babies.”

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Hate. Fear. Ignorance.

 “Born of Legend (The League: Nemesis Rising)” by Sherrilyn Kenyon –

“Hatred is a blind and deaf, unreasoning beast that doesn’t stop to ask why it attacks. It simply slaughters everything in its path without mercy until there’s nothing left to salvage. It rots us from the inside out and leaves nothing of the host but an empty hollow shell incapable of compassion. It’s why you can’t let it take root. Once it starts to grow, it’s the hardest weed to prune. And just when you think you have it under control, it explodes and consumes you entirely. All it needs is one target, perfectly placed, and your soul is the price you pay for having courted that beast you thought you could keep caged. It’s the one beast we should never dare feed.”

 “Is this what happened to your family?” 

He shook his head. “Fear and ignorance, and lack of understanding more than hatred are what destroyed the Tris. They are an even deadlier beast, at times.””
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Donald Trump and the Declaration of Independence


Earlier today I happened to pull up the Declaration of Independence in order to point out that that lack of a jury trial was one of the reasons the Colonists gave when they filed for Independence. Imagine my surprise when I easily spotted two more things that seem to be pertinent to this years Presidential Election. Without further ado, here’s a few things Donald Trump and George III have in common:

***Actually, since my process was to copy the list of grievances here delete the ones that weren’t applicable, as I find myself reading these, I’m finding some things that have something to do with other members of our government, so instead of deleting, I’m just going to give you the whole list of grievances and add my commentary to the side.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. Well, Donald Trump has, what 3000 lawsuits attached to his name and companies? Didn’t he say that the Judge presiding over his Trump University case can’t be fair because the Judge has Mexican heritage? It’s not so much that Trump refuses to “Assent to Laws”, but he seems to assent to them under protest. He thinks that the laws are wrong because they disagree with him.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them. This sounds like the Governor of North Carolina telling the city of Charlotte that they can’t pass anti-discrimination laws.

He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only. D.C. is in limbo because they’re not a state and therefore have no representation in Congress.
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. 
He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people. Well, this charge can be put on Paul Ryan and previous Speakers of the House who have refused to call the House into Special Session for stuff like Zika Funding and the Budget. The Senate leader has not done their duty in holding hearings on a new Supreme Court Justice.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands. Donald Trump wants to build a wall and start requiring entrance tests for immigrants. 
He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers. I think this one involves the Senate again.
He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries. 
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance. My husband is concerned about this one. He’s afraid Trump will create a Gestapo-like police force. I don’t really see that happening, but Trump seems to like power and the authority that comes with it. The way he can’t let the slightest disagreement go, I wonder what he’d do if he had the power to do more than threaten to revoke a newspaper’s credentials.
He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:–Trump wants to shake up previously negotiated trade agreements, which will lead to uncertainty at best in the business community and at worst will really hurt industries that trade overseas.
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences–well, anyone who agrees with the Guantanamo Bay Prison is guilty of this one. One can argue that the prisoners there aren’t American Citizens and therefore aren’t eligible for our rights, but since the US is founded upon “Certain Inalienable Rights that all Men are Created Equal”, and the US likes to pretend that it’s morality is better than anyone elses in the world, treating anyone like garbage and unworthy of our laws seems hypocritical.
For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies: See above.
For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. Oddly enough, it’s the act of calling foreigners “merciless savages” and striving to keep them out of the US that is “exciting domestic insurrections amongst us”. We  live in a modern globalized world, one where just because we have a different color of skin  or speak a different language doesn’t mean that we’re not all equal on the inside. To blindly label anyone is WRONG, yet Trump wants us to be against others.

Guilty until proven Innocent…OR…McCarthyism

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré –

“Frank!” cried several people. “Never!”

Frank Bryce was the Riddles’ gardener . He lived alone in a run-down cottage on the grounds of the Riddle House. Frank had come back from the war with a very stiff leg and a great dislike of crowds and loud noises , and had been working for the Riddles ever since.

There was a rush to buy the cook drinks and hear more details.

“Always thought he was odd,” she told the eagerly listening villagers, after her fourth sherry. “Unfriendly, like. I’m sure if I’ve offered him a cuppa once, I’ve offered it a hundred times. Never wanted to mix, he didn’t.”

“Ah, now,” said a woman at the bar, “he had a hard war, Frank. He likes the quiet life. That’s no reason to —”

“Who else had a key to the back door, then?”barked the cook. “There’s been a spare key hanging in the gardener’s cottage far back as I can remember! Nobody forced the door last night! No broken windows! All Frank had to do was creep up to the big house while we was all sleeping. . . .”

The villagers exchanged dark looks. “I always thought he had a nasty look about him, right enough,”grunted a man at the bar.

“War turned him funny, if you ask me,”said the landlord.

“Told you I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of Frank, didn’t I, Dot?”said an excited woman in the corner.

“Horrible temper,”said Dot, nodding fervently. “I remember, when he was a kid . . .”

By the following morning, hardly anyone in Little Hangleton doubted that Frank Bryce had killed the Riddles.

But over in the neighboring town of Great Hangleton, in the dark and dingy police station, Frank was stubbornly repeating, again and again, that he was innocent, and that the only person he had seen near the house on the day of the Riddles’deaths had been a teenage boy, a stranger, dark-haired and pale. Nobody else in the village had seen any such boy, and the police were quite sure that Frank had invented him.

Then, just when things were looking very serious for Frank, the report on the Riddles’bodies came back and changed everything.

The police had never read an odder report. A team of doctors had examined the bodies and had concluded that none of the Riddles had been poisoned, stabbed, shot, strangled, suffocated, or (as far as they could tell) harmed at all. In fact (the report continued, in a tone of unmistakable bewilderment), the Riddles all appeared to be in perfect health —apart from the fact that they were all dead. The doctors did note (as though determined to find something wrong with the bodies) that each of the Riddles had a look of terror upon his or her face —but as the frustrated police said, whoever heard of three people being frightened to death?

As there was no proof that the Riddles had been murdered at all, the police were forced to let Frank go. The Riddles were buried in the Little Hangleton churchyard, and their graves remained objects of curiosity for a while. To everyone’s surprise, and amid a cloud of suspicion, Frank Bryce returned to his cottage on the grounds of the Riddle House.

“’S far as I’m concerned, he killed them, and I don’t care what the police say,”said Dot in the Hanged Man. “And if he had any decency, he’d leave here, knowing as how we knows he did it.”

But Frank did not leave. He stayed to tend the garden for the next family who lived in the Riddle House, and then the next —for neither family stayed long.

Perhaps it was partly because of Frank that the new owners said there was a nasty feeling about the place, which, in the absence of inhabitants, started to fall into disrepair.

In either case, it’s against everything America stands for, so it’s a good thing this book is set in the UK! [Sarcasm intended.]

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Donald Trump is a Bully and the Christian Post agrees (even if they don’t realize it yet).

Yeah, I know,  I know. It’s easy to say it, but apparently the rest of the country doesn’t actually believe it.

But, while browsing Christian Post, I came across this article about 8 Warning Signs of a Church Bully and Oh My Goodness, they’re describing one Donald J. Trump! The real irony is that while trying to grab this list, there was a Trump ad on the page calling Hillary “Crooked Hillary” and saying that she’s bought by the lobbyists, Wall Street, etc.

1. They are among the first in the church to tell you how much they love you. And they will continue to love you as long as you do everything exactly the way they want it done every single day.

–Trump loves to say how much he loves you! He’s got friends everywhere–including Idaho! I still would love to hear directly from these Idahoan friends of his!

2. They have strong personalities. They tend to be boisterous. They speak up frequently in meetings. They can be loud. They like to dominate conversations.

–Uh yeah. This is Trump with a capital T!

3. They are highly opinionated. And if you ever disagree with them, you become their next target.

–Especially when it comes to people who disagree! Encouraging the booing of protesters and having them kicked out of “his show”. Bad talking EVERYONE on the Republican side who says something negative about him even after the nomination is his! I was very appalled when he not only encouraged Ted Cruz to go on stage knowing that Cruz didn’t plan to endorse him, but then was saying that Cruz’s career is over because he did that.

4. They are terrible listeners. They want you to listen to them; they don’t want to listen to you.

–Trump lives in his own little world. He says he already knows everything he needs to know about everything or can learn what he needs to know from a 3 page brief!

5. They build unhealthy alliances. The bully in one church built an alliance with two weak staff members. The three of them spoke in secret to the personnel committee about the pastor. The pastor was fired without even being asked his side of the story. Watch carefully those the bully befriends.

–I’ve been very disappointed as top Republicans keep letting Trump steamroll them. I mean, Paul Ryan didn’t want to endorse Trump, but decided he had to in favor of “Party Unity”. To Hell with Party Unity–this is THE COUNTRY that’s at stake!

6. They murmur and gossip. Most of their words are negative. They are the anti-Barnabas.

–“Crooked Hillary”. Rubio’s small hands. “Lyin’ Ted”. I haven’t heard what he’s come up with for Tim Kaine yet, but I heard that coming up with a mean nickname was on the top of their agenda (because apparently it’s too much work to come up with a proper platform for the candidate and actual plans to implement everything that he wants to do).

7. They do most of their toxic work in darkness. They let other people become the fall persons for their nefarious deeds. They meet with them behind closed doors and then slither away.

–He’s thrown Cruz under the bus just this past week. He let the speechwriter take the fall for Melania’s plagiarism. He has attached his name to a lot of businesses that have since failed, while he comes away richer and with more fame. But it’s never his fault that the company failed. There are something like 3000 court cases with the Trump brand attached in both plaintiff and defendant positions!

8. They have been to several churches. Bullies tend to move around. They do their damage at one church and then leave. They are sometimes asked to leave.

–Hmm…there hasn’t been much evidence of Trump’s church attendance, but he has bounced from business to business leaving havoc in his wake. See above.


When everyone sees through the bragging and suddenly you’re in deep doo doo.

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré –

““Just the man,” he said. “The very man. A girl has been snatched by the monster, Lockhart. Taken into the Chamber of Secrets itself. Your moment has come at last.”

Lockhart blanched.

“That’s right, Gilderoy,” chipped in Professor Sprout. “Weren’t you saying just last night that you’ve known all along where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is?”

“I — well, I —” sputtered Lockhart.

“Yes, didn’t you tell me you were sure you knew what was inside it?” piped up Professor Flitwick.

“D-did I? I don’t recall —”

“I certainly remember you saying you were sorry you hadn’t had a crack at the monster before Hagrid was arrested,” said Snape. “Didn’t you say that the whole affair had been bungled, and that you should have been given a free rein from the first?”

Lockhart stared around at his stony-faced colleagues. “I — I really never — you may have misunderstood —”

“We’ll leave it to you, then, Gilderoy,” said Professor McGonagall. “Tonight will be an excellent time to do it. We’ll make sure everyone’s out of your way. You’ll be able to tackle the monster all by youself. A free rein at last.”

Lockhart gazed desperately around him, but nobody came to the rescue. He didn’t look remotely handsome anymore. His lip was trembling, and in the absence of his usually toothy grin, he looked weak-chinned and feeble.”

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Because a “Get Well” card is the perfect time to remind everyone AGAIN of your accomplishments

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré –

““To Miss Granger, wishing you a speedy recovery, from your concerned teacher, Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class, Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five-time winner of Witch Weekly’s Most-Charming-Smile Award.””

Trump loves to tell everyone how “really rich” he is because that’s the only thing he has going for him. Ignore the fact that he’s declared bankruptcy like 4 times and he and his companies either have been sued or have sued approximately 3000 times. Lockhart’s one spell to take on Cornish Pixies failed during his lesson plan!

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That time some guy says that evil goes away because he is in charge

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré –

“Gilderoy Lockhart seemed to think he himself had made the attacks stop. Harry overheard him telling Professor McGonagall so while the Gryffindors were lining up for Transfiguration.

“I don’t think there’ll be any more trouble, Minerva,” he said, tapping his nose knowingly and winking. “I think the Chamber has been locked for good this time. The culprit must have known it was only a matter of time before I caught him. Rather sensible to stop now, before I came down hard on him.

(I added the emphasis.)

Trump seems to think ISIS will cease to exist when he becomes President. That magical harmony will erupt between police and minorities. That we will all kiss his feet in gratitude…

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The braggart teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.

This sounds a bit too much like Trump:

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré –

““Hands on?” said Harry, who was trying to grab a pixie dancing out of reach with its tongue out. “Hermione, he didn’t have a clue what he was doing —”

“Rubbish,” said Hermione. “You’ve read his books — look at all those amazing things he’s done —”

“He says he’s done,” Ron muttered.”

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