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Look what we found!!

My husband and I were driving around a couple weeks ago (as a former truck driver, he loves dragging me on 4 hour drives around southeastern VA) and spotted this guy in Surry, VA.

The window says the shop name is “A Steampunked Life”. I wanted to go in, but the husband said he saw a closed sign on the window (I was otherwise distracted and missed this).

I looked them up online and they have a nice Facebook page and Etsy shop! (I’m just sharing what I found, I don’t know these folks.)

Anyway, the arm there is part of a hookah and on the back is the rest of it seeming to function as its propulsion system (we didn’t get a picture of that).

Surry is only about an hours drive from Norfolk and is even closer to Williamsburg.


An interesting dream/idea

I had an interesting dream last night. I was at a science museum with various family members. One of the items we saw was a windmill that didn’t really rely on wind. 

Its blades were made up of multiple weights on tracks that slipped around as it turned so that the balance was off just enough to make it keep turning. Kind of like the “Wonder Wheel” on Coney Island in terms of the weights tracks, though it keeps itself moving because of gravity.

I’m not much of an engineer, so if anyone wants to play with this idea, have fun, but let me know how it goes!