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Complementary Relationships Aren’t Necessarily Bad– Date Lab – The Washington Post

You really should be a complement to your partner, in every sense of the word. Not too overly same or overly different. 

However, in Christian Conservative circles, complementary strictly means the if you have a vagina you do X and if you have a penis you do Y. Roles in these relationships aren’t based on a person’s abilities and interests, but on strictly what the Bible says a man or woman is supposed to do.

Secular folks have let the Christian right commandeer this term and that’s sad. 


Texas Church Shooting Video Shows Gunman’s Methodical Attack, Official Says – The New York Times

If there are no criminal negligence charges filed against those people in the Air Force who didn’t do their job and report his assault convictions to the federal background check system…I don’t even know.

Will Republicans who have been bitching for years about how perfect the background check system is (“there can’t possibly be a way for someone who shouldn’t get a gun to get through the system! We don’t need more gun laws!”) finally understand what we (moderate) gun control folks want?!?!

1) A comprehensive background check (extreme vetting? Sure, IF we’re going to be assholes to refugees, too.) And a life sentence in prison if your negligence leads to someone purchasing/using a weapon that they use to do harm.

2) Comprehensive and regular gun safety training. No one should be stupid enough to leave ANY gun where a child can find it! Regular reminders of how badly gun ownership can go IS A GOOD THING! And, yes, I’m cool with having similar retraining for a driver’s license!

3) A limit on the number of guns a person can buy in a month (ideally in a lifetime). A gun is a WEAPON, not a toy! It should NEVER be an impulse purchase. If you start crying like a three year old because you can’t get a toy RIGHT NOW!! you are part of the problem. Grow up!

Guns become illegal when a person with no (recorded) criminal past purchases guns to sell to people who can’t purchase guns themselves. Period. Limiting the supply (with limits on purchases) not only increases the price on the black market (which will cause purchasers to need more money, leading to more non-gun using crimes (because they can’t afford one yet) that will make it easier to catch them before they buy the gun), but will obviously reduce the total number of illegal guns on the streets… eventually. TL;DR: Make it harder for criminals to buy guns on the black market=more slip ups=more arrests=ultimately less crime.

No, these 3 demands AREN’T perfect! Probably nothing would have stopped Paddock in Las Vegas. But I live in a place where between the 7 cities where is usually a gun related murder (or 2) every night. The status quo doesn’t work. There is a hole in the system that can be closed IF we quit pretending it doesn’t exist or worse care so much about our own ability to purchase guns like candy that we feel no guilt when someone’s death is directly related to our own greed and entitlement.

Christianity Is Just A Better Religion Than I | The Daily Caller–A Rebuttal

“But the ‘renaissance’ injected into western man an absurd inferiority complex in regard to pagan antiquity and then the ‘Enlightenment’ insisted on eliminating from public policy and public law the very Christian revelation which defined and ennobled western man. “

Except, the Renaissance and Enlightenment literally brought Christians out of the dark ages. Education was quite stagnant in Christendom during the dark ages. There was minimal innovation and little exploration. Then, Christians invaded the right places in the Islamic world and REDISCOVERED the philosophical works of the Greeks and Romans. Art, Literature, Science,Mathematics were REBORN in Western Culture. 

Excerpt, this wasn’t pure Greek and Roman. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and possibly 0 are known as ARABIC numerals (as opposed to Roman numerals: I, II, III, etc). You see, while Christians were busy planning invasions of the Holy Lands (the Crusades), the Islamic world was translating and expanding on the philosophical works they were protecting, probably stolen, but that’s okay in 1000CE, because they were stolen manuscripts depicting educational materials. Would you think a manuscript with Pathagorius’ (sorry about spelling!) notes on triangles valuable enough to steal in a world where Christians were looking for the Holy Grail?

I’m not sure when Islamic scholars decided that the Earth circled the Sun, instead of the Sun circling the Earth, but Copernicus sat on his research until his deathbed, some 20 years after he more or less figured it out (1543), because he was certain he’d be jailed or killed for his heresy. Galileo WAS placed under house arrest ~70 years later when he proved Copernicus’ theoretical mathematics correct after building his own version of the telescope.

What is most telling about Fimister’s complete ignorance of history is this:

 The ‘Enlightenment’ is a parasite, it will not survive the death of its host. But it is strong enough to weaken the West to the point where its traditional external enemy the Islamic Ummah can strike the killer blow. Deep down the liberals know this is case, as they contracept and abort and legislate our civilisation into extinction, but in the end they don’t care. Their ultimate motive was always less the love of ‘liberty’ and more the hatred of Christ.

Without the Enlightenment, and it’s emphasis on the intelligence of man, there would not have been a Reformation!

Martin Luther is as much a child of the Renaissance and Nicholas Copernicus! They wereboth seeking answers outside of the monopoly that was the Roman Catholic Church. They both were heretics with ideas that threatened Church Doctrine. Both men show that anyone, not just Catholic Priests, are capable of making discoveries on their own.

Probably the stickiest part argument in favor of Christianity (which I assume is modern Evangelical Christianity) is that the most important person other that Luther for the spread of Protestantism is King Henry viii, who changed England from Catholic to Protestant solely so he could divorce Catherine of Aragon. After 6 marriages and 3 divorces, the Tudor line started many started many religious wars, but didn’t extend their reign. Had Henry stayed Catholic, America would probably be a more Catholic nation where divorce and birth control are taboo.

Of course, America would still be ruled by Britain because Democracy? Freedom of Speech? These are totally Enlightenment things.

2 Indian Christian Women Arrested, Slammed With False Charges of Forced Conversions

The women were arrested after the Hindu activist group Hindu Jagran Manch complained to police about children being taken to Mumbai by train.

The activist organization reportedly accused the women of trying to take the kids to be forcibly converted. Along with being charged with violating the state’s anti-conversion law, the women were also charged with kidnapping.

Kunwarlal Warkade, a local police official, told that the two women were charged with kidnapping four girls and six boys under the age of 14. Warkade also stated that it has been alleged that the women lured the children with the promise of education and toys.

These children have parents or guardians who would have sufgned permission slips for the women to take the children anywhere.

Without permission slips, this is kidnapping. Period.

Promising education and toys to children so longcasvthey say they’re Christian? Done. That’s a coerced/bribed conversion.

Ignorance is no excuse for this sort of thing.

A Week Without Trump

I just came up with the ULTIMATE April Fool’s Day prank from America to Donald Trump!

Since Trump loves being the center of attention, wouldn’t it  really piss him off if the media refrained from using his name and photo/video for the week leading up to April Fool’s Day. Feel free to use the generic “the president” as necesary. By March 28th, he’ll probably be sweating bullets wondering what happened.

But, here’s the best part: on April 2nd, everything goes back to normal and nobody tells Trump what happened.

When the President acts like a middle schooler, you treat gum like a middle schooler.

So spread the word folks! Let’s do this!

If nothing else, it will give us all a much needed break.

But they don’t deserve a living wage? Health care?

I’m still in chapter 7 of Good: The Joy of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Tony Reinke is explaining why he teaches his children to say thanks before every meal:

Besides being an extremely nostalgic vision of food production and distribution in America, it also comes across as being very self-centered (“look at how many people God influenced so that we can eat!”)

I’m pretty sure Reinke has never worked in customer service or really any job where he was responsible to actual customers. He’s also never paid any attention to any kind of reporting on the food industry in America:

  • Hubby was a long haul truck driver. He would refuse loads of groceries, especially produce because of how many regulations there are/demands by customers.
  • A few years ago, one of the major news agencies did some investigative reporting on trucks driving around with perishable groceries and their refrigeration units (reefers) turned off or to the wrong temperatures, so food was melting/getting too warm for safe consumption. Hubby said that California inspectors would tell drivers to turn off their reefers because their trucks were polluting too much 😐.
  • There is constant debate about how much room chickens need to be able to move freely.
  • Chickens are not herbivores! Yet, I’ve seen organic chicken advertised as being fed an “All Vegetatarian Diet”.
  • Food, Inc is a documentary that delves into the modern American food industry and it’s toll on the people employed by it.
  • The poultry industry is lobbying heavily right now to get the FDA to let them increase the speed that workers process a chicken at, despite risks to employees, animals, and consumers (do you want the mechanical eviserator flinging feces all over your chicken legs, thighs, breasts?). EWW!!
  • And finally (though there is so much more!here are some stories from the hell that is customer service/retail.

    This tiny section of the book goes a long way to explain why Conservatives don’t think workers deserve a living wage and health care benefits! They’re completely oblivious about the real world! 

    {Well, I kinda already knew that!}

    Christian Post: 3 Reasons School Choice Should Matter to Christians–a Rebuttal

    This is a response to this article from Christian Post

    Their reason #1 is that “Choice matters because parents are best equipped to care for their children”. Let me remind you that this was in the papers this week:

    Mom Who Beat Daughter for Not Reciting Bible Verses Correctly Sent to Prison

    Yes, I made sure to link to the story as told by Christian Post. You’d think that the best argument in favor of at least a wee bit of governmental oversight over the raising of children would be a case of a mom abusing their child, in this case for not reciting Bible verses correctly.

    But, it get’s worse: “When parents can’t afford to live in a strong school district, or don’t have the means to private school or homeschool, freedom to educate their children as they see best is restricted.” At the surface, I agree 100%. But let’s dig a little deeper:

    • If a parent can’t afford to move or send the child to a private school, what are the odds that they can afford to drive their child to a better school? Are there any better schools within reasonable driving distance? Does a school choice voucher include a stipend for this transportation?
    • Does the better school have enough seats for all the students who want to go there? Does a school choice law include funding for expanding the buildings of popular schools?
    • Assuming that there is no transportation or space issues, what happens to the bad school once all the students of parents who care about school choice leave (meaning, there’s now a school full of students of parents who don’t care about their children’s education).

    The real costs of school choice is reflected in the above bullet points. It’s not just about letting parents pick their favorite schools, it’s about ensuring that students can get into those schools.

    Public schools are divided into districts for two simple reasons: transportation and space. Students who live near a school are the easiest to transport via buses and district size can be dictated by the number of seats available in the school.

    My dad has 7 brothers and sisters (all born within 10 years). When the family (Navy) moved to Norfolk for the second (and final) time, my grandparents were not impressed by their district’s public schools, so they enrolled all the kids into one of the local Catholic schools. They got either discounts or scholarships or some other way of paying for this private school that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. But that “free” education came with a cost: my dad and his siblings had to ride the second bus. Despite going to their neighborhood on both trips, my dad and his siblings had to stay at the school an hour or so longer every day because the paying students got preferential treatment for the bus. 

    I’m not saying that this is still true at private schools (I’m the product of public school), but if no additional funding goes towards transportation, what will happen with the students who use a voucher to afford to attend a school? Will they also be treated like second class citizens?

    #2: Choice matters because every child is unique.

    Well, I’m in school right now to become an elementary school teacher. My education class for the semester is Language Acquisition and Reading.

    Every chapter of our main textbook includes a section on English Language Learners and emphasis is placed on how these students learn best when their native language is respected.

    Our secondary textbook, which teaches teachers about phonics, has 10 recommendations “intended to provide a beginning point for the application of reading diagnosis as it applies to phonics instruction within the multilingual classroom.” (Self-Paced Phonics, 5th edition by Roger S. Dow). Most of the recommendations are items I consider common sense for educating ALL children: “Know the cultures of the children in your classroom”, “Use a wide range of teaching approaches and strategies”, “Use meaningful reading material”, “Model and teach tolerance”, “Adopt and value dialogue as a teaching style”, “Be open to Change”, “Be reflective”.

    Now, I realize that the fact that these items are needed in an textbook for educators hints that these aren’t values that have been ingrained in the career called Education (meaning that teachers of yester-year didn’t and don’t think that the above items are important in their classroom). So, school choice is a rebellion from a culture of bad teachers. But, here’s the thing: teachers and administrators retire. Young people, such as myself, are comfortable with multiculturalism and globalism. We’re obviously being taught by folks who think that students deserve to be respected and involved in their education rather than being trained to remember rote facts.

    I’m learning tons about what Common Core actually is. Yeah, it sure is different from my parent’s education. Students are now expected to think deeply about the content! The mantra is “College and Career Ready”. Are there still teachers who think that it’s best to teach the test? Yes. Will they be weeded out? Yes, but it will take time.

    That’s why it’s important to keep parents who are involved in their children’s education IN public schools! Who else is going to blow the whistle on bad practices? Bad teachers?? It took the random placement of my AP class (we 20 kids were the only ones placed into most of the AP classes in my high school) in to the AP Psychology class that was usually reserved for letting regular/honors kids into an AP class without risking bad grades, to get rid of a crappy teacher. I don’t know if he was fired from the school, but he was not allowed to teach AP Psychology the next year. We also had to teach the newly minted AP English Literature teacher how to proctor AP tests and gave her tips on how else to teach an AP class. The only reason we could teach the teachers was because we’d already had, gosh, 3 or 4 well run AP classes. Why these teachers hadn’t been properly trained or monitored is beyond me!

    #3 School Choice Empowers the Underprivileged

    Ooh! Way to make it look like y’all care!

    Except that this is a rehashment of the arguments of #1: Economic status should not influence where a student goes to school (except when it comes the actual logistics of attending that school).

    I believe I’ve heard that most students don’t live in an area where another school exists within 30 miles? This article from the News Observer in North Carolina says that there aren’t any charter schools within 40 of their 100 counties. Assuming that some of those 40 also don’t have a private school, it’s entirely possible that there are counties with just public school options.

    I started thinking about public school districts in Southeastern Virginia, where I live.

    Southampton County has 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.

    Isle of Wight County has 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools.

    Accomack County has 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 4 high schools (though 1 of the high schools is on Tangier Island and teaches K-12 with a 7 person graduating class “last year” according to their website).

    There’s 16 miles between the high schools in Isle of Wight. 21 miles between two of the high schools in Accomack. That’s not including the driving distance if you live at either end of these two long and narrow counties. That’s a long drive!

    The Christian Post article ends with a plea for people to participate in their local school board elections.


    First of all, I don’t think it’s entirely proper for people to be voting in school board elections when their children don’t attend a particular school. So, this author needs to make up his mind: do people take their children out of public schools or do they vote in school board elections? Public school boards aren’t going to be the ones lobbying for more charter schools and private school vouchers since both of these agendas take money and students out of public schools. If the author favors school choice, he shouldn’t be asking parents to vote in school board elections, but to vote in all state elections for legislators willing to fund charter schools and vouchers.

    Yes, more parents need to get involved with the decisions that the school boards make! Parents should also be involved in the PTA and should join field trips as chaperones often. Parents should be advocates not only for their own children, but for ALL the children of a particular school, district, state, etc!