Publishers Clearing House Scam

So, I just got a call from a possibly Kingston Jamaica number claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House. The speaker was probably a computer because the inflections were very wrong. It sounded like it was the scam that wants you to say “Yes” so that they can steal stuff using your information. Unfortunately I said “Alright” to one question, but I don’t think that was enough because the call didn’t immediately end. When I asked who they were and they said Publishers Clearing House, I immediately knew it was a scam and said “No” to the next question they wanted an affirmative answer to. Then they said, “You doubt who I am?” And I just hung up on that one!

I just got my first smartphone and was disappointed to find that I couldn’t report that number as a scam directly from my phone. In a world that wants better ability to trace these people, you’d think reporting it as a scam immediately would be useful information.

Anyway, I then went tothe PCH website to alert them to the scam. Their Customer Service page even has a number designated for telling them there’s a PCH Scam! So, I called it. And I got a recording thanking me for my interest in working with them (?) and a reminder that their office hours are (whatever) M-F. And then the call ended on their end.

AGAIN! If the goal is to put scammers in prison, more information is necessary! I know that they can’t do anything with one report of one number, so I don’t mind that there wasn’t a live person to talk to. BUT THIS IS SUPPOSEDLY THEIR SCAM REPORTING LINE! You’d think they’d take a message!

This isn’t exactly rocket science.

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