Friday the 13th

I’m not (very) superstitious, so I’m not one to be afraid of a 13th that happens to fall of a Friday.

But, sheesh! I don’t know if it’s because this one fell in October or because it’s been raining here for a week (is it a full moon? No, thank goodness!), but yesterday’s afternoon traffic was ridiculous!

Actually, for my poor hubby who drives a tow truck and the rest of the towing community here, all day yesterday was crazy.

My husband has been nocturnal for the past few months for various reasons. He’s been going to bed when I’ve been leaving for work and sometimes been waking up after I’ve gone to bed (depending on what happened that day). He’s had way too many days where he’s awake for more than 24 hours. Poor baby.

Anyway, yesterday morning, 5am, my bladder woke me up and since he had said he planned on coming to bed after he ran out for sodas for the morning (yes, he does that), I checked on him in the living room, where he was watching a movie.

It turned out that his plan to come to bed was stymied when he saw a car slowly drive into a ditch and he checked on the potentially drunk driver and passenger, offering to pull them out of the ditch with his Explorer IF the deputies he’d called out said that the driver was okay to drive. The driver was not cleared to drive and had to go to the sheriff’s office, another tow truck was called out for the vehicle, and my hubby offered to drive the passenger home. This was at midnight, the morning of the 13th.

So, at 5am, I chatted with him about the call and he told me about spending an hour or so chatting with a different deputy on duty (probably at one of the convienience stores my hubby can usually be found in at 3am 3 or 4 days a week (because he does that ☺)). He asked me if I’d like a painting done by the deputy for my birthday, which, duh, of course I would ☺.

Anyway, as we were talking, the phone rang from either the county sheriff or state police asking if he could do a tow. In talking with dispatch, he determined that the tow trucks he has available were probably too small for the work vehicle needing to be towed, so he recommended the other companies on their list with bigger tow trucks.

[Later, he was talking with the guy who did get this one, who bragged that the front wheels of his tow truck were 2 feet off the ground when he decided to use his other wenchline and an oak tree to keep the front of the tow truck on the ground. Tow truck drivers are a weird bunch, haha.]

So, at 6:30, I went back to bed for another hour before work.

I actually had an easy ride to work. No problems whatsoever. We’d all chipped in for doughnuts,too!

Meanwhile, shortly after I’d crossed into Suffolk on my way eastbound on highway 17, there was an accident on the westbound side, in part caused by a school bus stopping to pick up kids. The guy who hit the car had apparently switched lanes and didn’t see the car already stopped for the bus. The bus and children on it weren’t harmed in any way. One of the mechanics at the shop Hubby tows for was surprised to see him so early and was even more surprised to hear about an accident happening right after he’d gone through the same stretch of road.

While I was having an easy day at work and enjoying doughnuts, there was another accident Hubby was called for probably around 2:30, involving a horse trailer and the vehicle pulling it. But, he got there with the tow truck after the driver arrived with a spare tire, so he got himself put back on top of the rotation list. No horses or people were injured.

At 4:30, he called me to say he probably wouldn’t be home when I got there because he had yet another call for an accident.

Well, at 4:30, I had already decided to take highway 58 to 10 to get home because the traffic reporter on the radio had hinted at how bad traffic was on my usual, interstate, route. But, I figured there’d be no harm in using the interstate to get to 58 since it’s a shorter distance with a higher speed limit that way.

WELL! I got to the interchange where 58 and 664 “dance”, and everyone from 664 (the left two lanes, henceforth christened lanes 1&2) were merging over to the left lane of 58 (which gets the right two lanes, i.e. 3&4) to get around something.

So, from left to right there are lanes 1,2,3,4.

 The something was a VA state police car half in lane 2, and half in lane 1 (diagonal), blocking a car in lane 1. It was not creating a safety zone like for an accident or traffic stop, but as though the cop had cut the car off from running away. The pulled over car had all kinds of chalk paint on the back window like a kid had graduated high school or something. It was weird

But, anyway, once everyone on 664 got around that one, and the people in lanes 3&4 merged into 1 or 2 as their travelling needs were, I saw that there was a real fender bender in lane 1, but at least it was far enough up that there is a shoulder to pull over into, unlike where Mr. State Police was parked. However, the gap between Mr. State Police and the real accident was enough that some people had jumped back into lane 1, only to realize that their lane was blocked again. At least there was a safety truck with arrow board arriving at that scene, though he appeared confused (the arrow board was actually flipping to the closed position as he drove up, like he’d put it down for Mr. S.P. only to be told he was at the wrong scene, so he thought he had to go a lot further to find his accident). Mr. S.P. was too far away to create a safety zone, so it was two separate incidents.

Any who, since I’d already decided on 58, I had stayed in lane 3 the whole time, leaving room for mergers on both sides. Slow going, but no real problems.

About halfway between where I got on 58 and the exit for 10, a cop with his blue lights flashing (probably state police) came through one of the crossovers from eastbound to westbound (I was heading westbound) and I cringed at the potentials for where he was going. We started slowing down shortly thereafter.

Well, shortly before the exit for Wilroy Rd, there was an accident. A tractor trailer was sitting in the center median’s grass, more on the westbound side than the eastbound, though he was facing eastbound and you could see all the branches and shrubbery on the ground and in his grill. There isn’t a lot of shrubbery in that median, it’s mostly just grass, but he sure went through that one. One poor bush/tree was reduced to being a lonely 4ft high stem. I could not see any other damaged vehicles, though there was at least one fire truck and other emergency vehicles completely blocking traffic on the eastbound side and there was another fire truck facing the wrong direction on our westbound inner shoulder. I’m hoping that this was all precautionary. I can’t find any news reports about this accident, which makes me think there were no serious injuries or fatalities.

Anyway, I finally got home, Hubby was still out and told me he was more interested in bed than dinner, so I had thought about going for Pad Thai. Except, given what I so far knew about the day, I decided it was safer to eat frozen pizza, haha.

Hubby got home and we chatted a bit until dispatch called again. For one of the cars he’d towed, the driver was released from custody quickly and the deputy was giving the driver a lift to the shop so he could pick up his car. This is not normal, but given what the circumstances were, I’m glad the deputy was nice this way. The guys driver’s license had hit for a warrant that should have been removed, because the issue had been properly dealt with, but hadn’t. It sucks that he still had to pay for the tow and after hours gate fee and I wish/hope that there is someway for him to get reembursed by the people who didn’t do their job.

Anyway, at 9pm, Hubby finally got to bed. I went to bed shortly before 10.

At 10:45 pm, the phone rang again. I believe Hubby said it was a DUI as he got dressed, but I don’t know. I was only partially awake when he was on the phone with dispatch. Sigh. What a crazy Friday the 13th!


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