Editable Calendar/Planner

So, I’ll be starting school again at the end of August! This will eventually get me a masters in elementary education with initial licensure so that I can teach in Virginia.

I know I’ll need a calendar/planner to help me keep track of classes and homework. At first I was going to buy one that had all the features I want, but I hate spending money on something that I won’t use to it’s fullest, so I decided that I’d go with a printable version in a binder that I already utilize for my postage stamps.

I knew that I wanted a monthly spread with squares that are big enough to actually write in. Most of the monthly calendars I found online only utilized one sheet of paper, meaning that the squares weren’t particularly big. I didn’t want a heavily decorated page, either, but the plain ones were very plain.

I like the way a purchased planner goes onto a two page spread. So, not finding exactly what I wanted, I turned to Google Docs (my preferred word processor). Using just the Table tool, I was able to create a two page calendar spread that I think will work nicely. There is plenty of space on around the perimeter for jotting notes or adding decorations.

Here’s the link to the calendar I’ve created. You should be able to edit it, but I have a feeling that the way that editing is set up, you’ll actually be altering my original document, so please try not to delete anything of real importance because then it’ll be gone when the next person comes by. I do encourage you to customize the fonts, update the months and feel free to leave it with your changes. I just don’t want to lose the Tables and their respective pages because that way we know they’ll print out correctly.

If you don’t want a “cover page”, you’ll still need to make sure that the first page is blank or else you won’t get a proper spread when you print double sided. If you are printing single sided, this is less important.

You’ll notice that the squares don’t have numbers in them. I did this because I didn’t want to spend ages typing something that will just have to be redone next year. I don’t mind writing in the dates as I set up my calendar for them month.

Edit: So apparently July 2017 is a huge month! I was writing the numbers in for my personal calendar and found that I don’t have enough squares for the last week (days 30 and 31). I’ve debated adding another row of squares to the calendar template I’ve shared here and decided not to. Months like this are relatively rare, so I don’t want to take up space with a row of squares that will often be unnecessary.

For my calendar, I’ve just put 30 and 31 in “invisible boxes” where they’d be. Because of the margins of the paper, if I were to put the extra row in, all the boxes would have to shrink or these two squares would be smaller than the rest which would look weird. Since my boxes are invisible, they’re theoretically the same size as the rest of my boxes.

You can always divide the box into two as happens in many wall calendars. I know you can put a diagonal line in the box with Excel, but I haven’t been able to figure this out in Google Drive.


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