To the person who riffled through my car tonight:

I’m not mad. Seriously-you’ve picked probably the one person who isn’t upset by your actions. Well, my husband’s car was gone through as well, and while he doesn’t sound upset, he did report it to the police even though the only thing missing is his DCJS Certification (the license that lets him tow for police departments), but I’m not 100% certain it was taken (he had to report the missing Cert. regardless of his feelings, of course).

Anyway. If you needed anything, all you had to do is ask, but I don’t mind that you felt it was easier to go through my stuff.

If you were hungry, you could have taken the sweet potato pie from Bojangles. Or my chocolate Pop-Tart (or rather “toaster pastry”, since I haven’t bought name brand in awhile). Or the three apples slices that are getting kind of old…actually, I don’t blame you for leaving those.

If you were cold, you could have taken my really fabulous gloves. Though I’m sure your hands are a lot bigger than mine as I’m a tiny freak of nature. So, I’m kind of glad that you didn’t take them because it’s so hard to find items in my size. But if you needed them, you could have taken them. My jacket shell isn’t very warm by itself, but it makes a fabulous raincoat in case you were wet. Feel free to take the bright pink sweat shirt–it’s very comfy!

If you needed paper, I have plenty. Take it. Unfortunately, I don’t leave many pens in my car/backpack, but it you found one and needed it, it’s yours.

If you needed a book to entertain you, they’re in the back. If you needed a book to read to your child, they’re under the sweet potato pie you ignored in my passenger seat.

If you or your significant other is on her period, there’s a pad in that pocket you emptied of everything else. Usually there’s some Ibuprofen in that pocket too, but I keep forgetting to return it. The Gold Bond works pretty good on the backs of my hands that get so dried out this time of year; my husband doesn’t like the smell though.

I’m not sure where you found the napkins, but they smell weird. I think you found them by one of the 6 dozen air fresheners left by the previous owner–I wish you’d made the air freshener’s presence known, though, so I can dispose of it.

I know that ERC doesn’t have a physical tollbooth, but if you need the $1.50 in change you could have taken it.

Need a pillow? It was a thrice-times unwanted Christmas present (hence why it’s still mostly wrapped). I’ve heard it has Star Wars images on it. It’s yours.

If you needed any other random bit of my life cluttering up my car, you are more than welcome to it.

Here’s the thing: I know I don’t lock my car doors. For one, my driver’s door lock is wonkey and doesn’t always like to unlock from the outside with the key. Since I’ve heard horror stories about people who’ve had their car windows broken because someone really wanted the $2 in change in the cupholder, I’ve made the conscious decision to leave my doors unlocked knowing full well that someone may decided to go rummaging about in it. This would make for the second time in 3 years. The items that I leave in my car are items that I really don’t care that much about, or rather, I care enough to not want to throw them away, but if they were to disappear, I really wouldn’t mind. My back hatch section (I drive a Mountaineer) is full of stuff I’ve moved out of my parent’s house, but haven’t moved into my husband’s. There are only a couple items, namely those gloves and my jacket shell, that I would sincerely miss.

My wallet and tablet don’t get left in my car. And I think I’ve discussed the fact that if I was mugged on the street, the person demanding my phone would take one look at it and laugh in my face before handing it back (it’s a “dumb” flip phone).

After three phone calls with my husband, it’s obvious that he’s as tickled as I am about our mysterious visitor this evening. While I am appalled that they wouldn’t take the perfectly good pie from my car, we’re both shocked that they didn’t take the GPS, bank card, or other actually valuable items out of my husband’s car (I still don’t think they took the DCJS Cert, though it’s better to be safe than sorry). Of course, I’m highly surprised that he didn’t lock his doors since he has a fob and usually he does lock them because he knows what’s in his car. I may have to reprimand him for his carelessness tomorrow. 🙂

I was going to finally toss the $100 Amazon gift card we were given as a wedding present since the money has long been put into my account (the card had been set aside only to be stumbled across this past weekend), but am now thinking that I’ll stick it in my car, just to see whether the next mysterious visitor will take it. Maybe I’ll stick a post-it on it tell the visitor to take a book or two home, too.



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