3.5 days!!

At the bowling alley tonight I was able to ask him how long he’d gone without a cigarette so far and he admitted to 3.5 days! I’m not sure when he’s counting from and I really couldn’t care less because he survived being outside with some of the smokers, getting a “contact high” without actually smoking himself. While I don’t like the second hand smoke going into his lungs, progress is progress as we work our way to my 3 week goal.

By the way, I have no idea if 3 weeks is actually a magical deadline, but to me it seems like a great place to start.

Oh dear…I literally just realized that he’ll be facing his biggest test later this evening if he goes over to his best friend’s house (yes, they’re both night owls). I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed one of these visits where my husband didn’t smoke at least a few puffs. Good luck, honey! I love you and know you can persevere! Not that he reads this blog or even knows that it exists, haha.

Oh! And last night I was able to ask him if he has a pack somewhere. He answered with a “I really don’t want to talk about this!”, which for some reason I’m taking as a “no”, even though this kind of redirection is typical for him when he’s trying to hide something. It just doesn’t feel like he’s got a pack…yet. But just because he doesn’t have a pack doesn’t mean he won’t beg a cigarette off of someone. It amazed me how easily he was able to get cigarettes off of people when we went through that attempt to quit!


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