Trump v. Clinton

Below is a comment I just wrote to someones blog. Her premise is that voting for Trump was an act of Love because he’ll do so much stuff for women and minorities even though he’s actually said some disgusting things about women and minorities and made few concrete promises about anything that would be guaranteed to help them.

But I didn’t bother commenting on that. It’s a waste of breath to debate what people think Trump might do that’s positive when the reality of what he’s actually said is so opposite. People can live in their fantasy world as long as they like; I’ll just roll my eyes.

No, my comment was on Trump’s tax returns and other financial data. Maybe I’m petty, but if there’s one lie I want Trump to be caught in it’s about his net worth and business practices. After reading Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power I have zero confidence in Trump’s business practices and it feels like that’s the ONE pass he gets (“Yeah, we know he’s immoral, liberal, etc, but at least he knows business“). I just don’t get how anyone who considers themselves to be a fiscal conservative could vote for Trump when it’s only his word that says that he is the great businessman he claims to be.

By the way, Trump is really paranoid about people speculating on his finances and to me that’s very telling. If he’s as good a businessman and as rich as he claims to be, why not prove this to the world? Why does he have to resort to (possible) fabrications? Please don’t say that he’s humble. Humble people don’t say “I donated Millions to charity. I’m so generous it’s ridiculous!” Humble people say: “Yes, I donated money to causes X, Y, and Z and let me tell you about the amazing things they do!” and then they go into specific details.

My point about his income is that the ONLY data that currently exists on his business practices indicate that he’s a shitty businessman. There is nothing to prove that he’s actually worth what he claims he is now especially when in the mid 1990s his bankers put him on a $400,000/year ALLOWANCE so that he could maintain his image so that the banks could sell his property for more money (let everyone pretend that his buildings were worth more than they actually were). The ONLY thing going for Trump is that he’s supposedly a good businessman and like I said, without proper financial statements, that’s a load of hot air.

Trump Airlines: customer survey cards said that what customers wanted was to get from point A to point B in a timely manner. Trump spent millions not on increasing efficiency, but on gold plated sinks and carpet so plush the flight attendants complained about how difficult it was to push the beverage carts. Trump told them to push harder.

Trump Taj Mahal: Even though he already owned and operated 2 casinos in Atlantic City, he decided to open this monstrosity. Before it opened, an industry reporter wrote an article that predicted record profits for it’s first 3 months then it would quickly go into bankruptcy because it’s operating expenses exceeded it’s earnings potential. Trump threatened to sue the writer’s employer if he didn’t retract the article or be fired. The writer was fired. One day after the Taj opened, gambling regulators halted the gambling operations because they’d lost over a million dollars in chips. Gambling was illegal there for a few days while the chips were missing. They were found when someone realized the bag they were in had been used to prop open the door of the counting room because it was too hot in that room because the room was too small for that operation. Why was the room too small? Trump didn’t want to spend the money to move walls to make the room the proper size. By the way, the regulators were being nice to allow that room’s door to be propped open in the first place since it’s supposed to be kept closed.

Trump’s other two casinos were doing okay in the market before the Taj was built. After the Taj, suddenly he had 3 casinos who had to steal each others customers in order to make bank. Meanwhile, Trump had installed one of his wives as the manager of one of the other casinos (I can’t remember which one) and she spent most of her time and the casino’s money remodeling. And then they went bankrupt.

At least half of the “TRUMP” buildings in the world aren’t owned by Trump. He doesn’t even invest his own money in them. Some other group of investors just get Trump to license them the use of his name. This cushy arrangement for Trump means that he gets to take in a fabulous salary and make important decisions about the appearance of “his” buildings all without risking his money. He pretends to be an investor while other people actually take the risk. In one case, the hotel/apartment building had to make bad financial decisions in order to keep up with Trump’s image demands (spending too much money on gold plated sinks, expensive Italian marble) because it was cheaper to comply than lose Trump’s endorsement. This was during the housing market crash. The building’s investors were having trouble making ends meet, so they requested that Trump let them skip paying his licensing fee for a month or two and they’d pay him with interest as soon as they could. Trump told them that if they didn’t pay him he’d sue, which would mean the investors would lose even more money, so they did what they could to pay him. Within a few more months, that building was looking for a new buyer and the investors, some of whom were folks like you and me deciding to buy a condo in that building in order to sell it for a profit later, were out a lot of money. But not Trump: his contracts ensure that he gets paid first as soon as things start heading south and with 8000 lawsuits under his belt, he’s not shy about going to court.

In fact, our President-elect will be in court on Nov. 28, 2016 to possibly finally settle the matter of Trump University, where Trump as spokesman promised folks that they’d learn how to be “just like Trump”. There are fears that what comes out of this trial will be enough to go for an Impeachment and he’s not even inaugurated yet.

Now, you wish to call Clinton a traitor because she didn’t release her emails. Well, her emails as Secretary of State never had a hacking attempt on them, while the State Departments servers are attacked thousands (millions?) of times a day. So, her emails were actually safer than other government officials just because hackers didn’t know where to look for them. Also, have you ever heard of this thing called a home printer? It is utterly ridiculous to call Clinton a traitor because her emails were on a private server when her emails COULD have been on the government server and she could have printed out all the juicy secrets and mailed them to whomever she wanted to in a non-descript #10 envelope. Maybe even with security tinting. It’s actually easier to tell when someone has done something wrong via a computer than when they’ve done something analog. Hell, she could have even skipped the printer queue and hand written the secrets she was so desperate to share and not left any digital trail. But there would be a paper trail, in a manner of speaking. So maybe she just verbally told the secrets to her buddies in a secret location where no cameras could catch her. If someone can prove that something nefarious actually came out of those emails, THEN there’d be a story, but as it is…there’s nothing, just as the FBI keeps saying.

I guess I’ll end on the Trump Foundation, which the state of NY has every right to take Trump to court over because he was illegally collecting money from donors when his foundation was only supposed to be spending his own money.


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