Trump the Puppet

Have you noticed something about post-election Trump? He just doesn’t sound like himself. He seems pretty flat and not as animated as he was on the campaign trail.

Oh wait. There were times on the campaign trail when he did act like this. It was during those times when his campaigns were trying to make him seem more fit for office and made him read off a teleprompter.

For me, the big boisterous Trump is the real Trump. You can see him during one of those telepromted speeches during that moment when you can see in his eyes that he’s just said something that he likes and he gets really excited and repeats it 3 more times, going off script for a minute before returning to the puppet reciting his lines.

I guess his ability to be a puppet is a good thing because it means that he can be controlled.  But at the same time, Americans have an electoral college to elect the president for a reason. We don’t have a parliamentary system where we elect our representatives who then elect their leader. If we wanted a puppet controlled by Congress, why not just have a parliamentary system?

What is kind of hilarious is reading the opinions written by people who’d opposed Trump during the election who now want him to unite the country. In order for him to take their advice, he’ll have to alienate the people who voted for him. But those things that Trump got excited about during the campaign are the very things that they want him to now oppose.

Is Trump going to renig on building the wall? Probably not because it fulfills so many of the things he got excited about on the campaign trail: it’ll create jobs and keep out those pesky foreigners. But why couldn’t he build it as a private citizen?

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