“Draining the Swamp”

Trump wants to put term limits on Congress. While this is a noble cause, I think it’ll ultimately need a Constitutional Amendment to make it stick (Executive Orders are ficklethings which the other party will always claim is Executive Overreach).

I think that a more productive way to make Congress work better would be to make the salary of ALL elected officials be based on the average salary of their constituency. So, if a Congressman, for instance, wants a pay raise, they have to increase the average salary of their district.

And, since I don’t feel like making another new post, I shall add a comment here on a slightly unrelated topic: the next Supreme Court Justice. I saw a news article which said that Sen. Lindsay Graham recommends that Trump look towards the Senate for his Supreme Court Justice pick and that Ted Cruz would be excellent. While I know that the rules for picking a Justice are relatively loose, I don’t think having and using a law degree either for prosecution or defense is enough to warrant the position. I think that you should have to serve as a lower judge, first, so that the Senate has actual judgments to base their decision on, not just a batch of cases that the person decided to work on. Judges should be non-partisan and should be able to make fair judgments regardless of their personal opinions based on the laws. Prosecutors and Defense attorneys are inherently biased and while that’s an okay start for a lower court, the people on the  highest court need to have a broad selection of judgments on their resume.


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