Women’s Power

There are plenty of anti feminists who make grand arguments about the power that women have always had and have always wielded to exhibit control over their lives….I don’t think this is what they had in mind:

 “The Ballroom: A Novel” by Anna Hope –

““Well, they’re behind bars too. Being fed with tubes. And whenever it gets bad in here, I think of them. Locked up too, because they want something else, something more. And I think, if they can stand it, I can. I’ll stay here and belong to myself. Not to my father, or brother, or any man. So that’s what I do, I stay. And my family pays to keep me here, and I get my own clothes, and I have my books, and every time that they let me out, I make cuts on my wrists so they’ll send me back.” 

Clem rolled up her sleeves, so that what had been hidden before was displayed, a livid badge of courage. 

“I have a razor,” she said. “I took it from my father’s house. I keep it sewn in here.” She gestured to her sleeve as she rolled it back down . “No one knows. Except you.” The look on her face was half-pleading, half-proud. “My father thinks I’ll break . But I won’t break. And now that you’re here”—Clem was smiling now—“ I can bear it even more.””

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