1911 insane asylum…

“The Ballroom: A Novel” by Anna Hope –

“And though John did not know the man from before , he knew the brokenness on his face, the restless eyes—as though the world were a trap ready to spring upon you— had seen it on too many faces to count. And on most of them too, the same bafflement, as though unable to understand that this was where they had ended up.”

The shortest explanation of what’s wrong is that pileptics and “feeble minded” people made up too much of these asylums population. You should read about Carrie Buck who was the poster child for why the”feeble minded” and epileptics should be forcibly syerelized. It’s more complicated and more haunting than you think.

Start reading this book for free: http://amzn.to/2d8cKQH


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