Why I think Trump is popular

I think Trim doesn’t get his popularity from what he says, but for what people hear.

When Trump speaks, he really doesn’t say much. He often repeats short statements and clichés.He’s often very vague, rarely giving details or examples of evidence. And for too many people in the population this seems to be acceptable for a potential president. Why?

I think that everyone interested in politics secretly has their own plan for how best to run the country and for Trump supporters, his vague statements give everyone the freedom to insert whatever they want as his meaning. Essentially they are hearing what they want to hear because he’s not saying anything.

I think it’s interesting that the Bible does the same thing. Most of the passages I’ve read of the Bible says, essentially, “and then this happened” without any details of HOW it happened. This allows readers to insert magic as the cause, call it a miracle, and base their belief of everything on it. Isn’t it equally easy to insert a “normal” reason for how the “miracle” occurred? Think Jesus feeding a thousand people with 2 loaves of bread and 5 fishes. The Bible doesnt say HOW but most Christians insert a miracle rather than some normal occurrence (like maybe everyone denied to imbibe, thus all were fed, even if they didn’t eat–it happens at awkward parties). 

When there are no details, any explanation will work. And this is scary when we consider the future that is at stake.


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