Donald Trump is a Bully and the Christian Post agrees (even if they don’t realize it yet).

Yeah, I know,  I know. It’s easy to say it, but apparently the rest of the country doesn’t actually believe it.

But, while browsing Christian Post, I came across this article about 8 Warning Signs of a Church Bully and Oh My Goodness, they’re describing one Donald J. Trump! The real irony is that while trying to grab this list, there was a Trump ad on the page calling Hillary “Crooked Hillary” and saying that she’s bought by the lobbyists, Wall Street, etc.

1. They are among the first in the church to tell you how much they love you. And they will continue to love you as long as you do everything exactly the way they want it done every single day.

–Trump loves to say how much he loves you! He’s got friends everywhere–including Idaho! I still would love to hear directly from these Idahoan friends of his!

2. They have strong personalities. They tend to be boisterous. They speak up frequently in meetings. They can be loud. They like to dominate conversations.

–Uh yeah. This is Trump with a capital T!

3. They are highly opinionated. And if you ever disagree with them, you become their next target.

–Especially when it comes to people who disagree! Encouraging the booing of protesters and having them kicked out of “his show”. Bad talking EVERYONE on the Republican side who says something negative about him even after the nomination is his! I was very appalled when he not only encouraged Ted Cruz to go on stage knowing that Cruz didn’t plan to endorse him, but then was saying that Cruz’s career is over because he did that.

4. They are terrible listeners. They want you to listen to them; they don’t want to listen to you.

–Trump lives in his own little world. He says he already knows everything he needs to know about everything or can learn what he needs to know from a 3 page brief!

5. They build unhealthy alliances. The bully in one church built an alliance with two weak staff members. The three of them spoke in secret to the personnel committee about the pastor. The pastor was fired without even being asked his side of the story. Watch carefully those the bully befriends.

–I’ve been very disappointed as top Republicans keep letting Trump steamroll them. I mean, Paul Ryan didn’t want to endorse Trump, but decided he had to in favor of “Party Unity”. To Hell with Party Unity–this is THE COUNTRY that’s at stake!

6. They murmur and gossip. Most of their words are negative. They are the anti-Barnabas.

–“Crooked Hillary”. Rubio’s small hands. “Lyin’ Ted”. I haven’t heard what he’s come up with for Tim Kaine yet, but I heard that coming up with a mean nickname was on the top of their agenda (because apparently it’s too much work to come up with a proper platform for the candidate and actual plans to implement everything that he wants to do).

7. They do most of their toxic work in darkness. They let other people become the fall persons for their nefarious deeds. They meet with them behind closed doors and then slither away.

–He’s thrown Cruz under the bus just this past week. He let the speechwriter take the fall for Melania’s plagiarism. He has attached his name to a lot of businesses that have since failed, while he comes away richer and with more fame. But it’s never his fault that the company failed. There are something like 3000 court cases with the Trump brand attached in both plaintiff and defendant positions!

8. They have been to several churches. Bullies tend to move around. They do their damage at one church and then leave. They are sometimes asked to leave.

–Hmm…there hasn’t been much evidence of Trump’s church attendance, but he has bounced from business to business leaving havoc in his wake. See above.



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