Why math matters, even for 50 year old women

Apparently today was a real doozie for my coworkers higher up in the Customer Service chain in terms of dealing with people who have neglected their education since graduation (because I don’t like calling anyone, even Trump or Coulter, stupid. My dad taught me to be better than that). Anyway, one of these people wanted to order a rubber stamp and in deciding that the stamp was too large as described non mathematically, she sends back that she wanted it to be “3.5 x 10” and my coworker is like “WTHeck?!? That’s huge!” As far as I’m aware, we live in America, and America being the center of its own universe, we’re one of the only countries that uses English rather than metric measurements. ‘Course, even though few Americans understand the metric system, that doesn’t stop our rulers from usually coming with centimeters on the opposite side, even though inches and centimeters actually have nothing to  do with each other. Anyway, apparently for whatever reason, the customer was using centimeters (probably because it was the side of the ruler that was up when she grabbed it, rather than flipping it around), but didn’t think it pertinent to mention this fact (because they’re all the same?!?). Sigh.

At this time I’d like to remind everyone of the very expensive 1999 NASA booboo when a $125 million satellite missed Mars because one team used metric while another English.  http://www.cnn.com/TECH/space/9909/30/mars.metric.02/


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