Slave laws

After 15 minutes of googling every variation of “nc slave code” I could think of, I’ve come to the conclusion that NC is hiding something. I know that there are records somewhere of what laws governed slavery in the colony and then the state and there should be a place online that lists them as concisely as they are for South Carolina. But anyway. Even if slightly out of place in this work of fiction, the fact that it happened somewhere and somewhen like this isn’t doubted.

At the very least there is the court case North Carolina vs. Mann (1830) which stated that slave owners have complete authority over their slaves. And Louisiana said the blood had to come from the face to invoke the death penalty (1724?)

“Drums Of Autumn (Outlander, Book 4)” by Diana Gabaldon –

““It is the law of this colony, sir, that if a Negro shall assault a white person and in so doing, cause blood to be shed, then he shall die for his crime.” He paused, reluctant. “Such occurrences are most thankfully rare. But when they occur—””

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