Deep Kiss of Winter

This book is comprised of 2 different stories from 2 different (yet similar) authors. I’m going to use the words book and story interchangeably because I’m used to using the word book to mean story. But I’m keeping these reviews separate, so you’ll know when I change from reviewing the first story to that of the second. For more information on why I feel the need to define my terms, see my post on Jargon.

The first story in this book is Untouchable by Kresley Cole. This is part of the Immortals after Dark series. I got hooked on this series over about 2 years ago because I could read a lot of the books online. Then I hit this one and could not find a copy online, so I kind of forgot about the series until now (found while browsing my “to-read” pile on Goodreads).

This story is about Murdoch, the last of the 4 Wroth brothers to find his “Bride” (the term given to the woman who essentially brings a vampire back to life: makes his heart beat and all the lovely romance stuff that comes with that). Murdoch’s story runs simultaneously with that of his brothers, so while reading the previous 3 stories involving the Wroths (which, since this is book 8 may not have immediately preceded this book), Murdoch’s story was hinted at a lot. In that way, this book wasn’t very surprising, but it was a good book to remind me of the important bits of the other 3 and round out the parts that were hinted at but never explained. Hmm….I guess this is where I need to tell you that this book is a SPOILER for all the previous ones. Read it at your own risk, then.

Also read at your own risk because this book is full of sex. I mean, a Sherrilyn Kenyon book has sex mentioned on probably a quarter of the pages. Kresley Cole is more like 50%. But this story was more like 65%. It started to drag, but at least the sex is, in my opinion, well written if that’s what you’re going for.

Side note: the sex in 50 Shades of Grey was not well written, in my opinion.

What I like about Kresley Cole, is that even though the sex takes up so much of her books, the plot itself is usually really good. Since this one focused more on the sex than the plot, it wasn’t as good as her previous books in this series. ‘Course, the “enemy” of this story was mostly internal, whereas in previous books the problem involved a lot more physical action, so that also played a role.

And this brings me to the second story in this book: Tempt Me Eternally by Gena Showalter. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Ms. Showalter, and as of right now, I’m not sure I have any interest in doing so.

I stopped reading this story about halfway through and I may or may not get back to it depending on when I finish the rest of my pile of library books.

The problem is that it’s nothing but sex. Here’s the thing, I read all three books in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy because there was just enough plot to keep me going even after I started skipping chunks of the sex because it’d gotten so repetitive and dull. Less is more, people; less is more! I congratulate E.L. James for her excellent marketing skills: she turned what should have been a single okay book into a best selling trilogy simply by chopping it into 3 sections at the most suspenseful cliffhanger she could write and filling the resulting thin volumes with enough bad sex to make them book sized.

Tempt Me Eternally doesn’t have a decent plot to support it. OR RATHER it does have a decent plot going on, but Ms. Showalter doesn’t care enough to make it important! I mean, there’s supposed to be an alien invasion coming and instead the important part is this Breean (male of another alien species) repeatedly violating the main female character! He locked her in a room for a WEEK “comfortable and fed” yet she had to talk to herself when the lights went out at night?!? That means she wasn’t very comfortable if she wasn’t given a light in order to read by (I accept her not wanting to sleep because she needed to keep watch over herself, but if the only way she could keep herself awake was by talking to herself, then something wasn’t right). There were hints that the guy, Breean, had spent that week doing recon and whatever, but again, to Ms. Showalter, this action is insignificant when it compared to describing how he can make himself smell irresistible and how his penis keeps getting excited whenever Aleaha is near or he’s just thinking about her.

I had hopes that Aleaha would be an interesting and strong female character, but she’s buried under “oh I can’t think straight when he’s around” and once he enters the picture, any action where they’re not together gets dumbed down to a sentence or two of recap. Blah, blah bleck!

I told BF the other night that I’d quit reading this book because it had too much sex in it and he asked me if it was making me too “randy” (yes, he used that term and I need to remove it from his vocabulary) and I told him “no: it’s making me nauseous.”

I happened to read the Acknowledgements before Tempt Me Eternally started and it was a gush fest over Kresley Cole. It read like a new writer was so ever eternally grateful that an established writer had deigned to put their names together and publish a book to help the new writer get their career off the ground. Imagine my surprise when I started hunting down Ms. Showalter to see if this was the start of a new series and it turns out that not only has she published a lot of books, but this is set in the middle of an established series Alien Huntress.


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