BF is old. And I’m older.

Thursday evening BF asked me to look up an “exploded view of a transfer case, model 4405”. We’ve been dating long enough for me to immediately know vaguely what he was talking about (well, he’d been going on for two about changing out the transfer case on the green Explorer since it has too much play in it after our trip). Anyway, I found him a few different options (because the picture that was clearest had the bottom cut off) and printed them out for him. While he looked over my shoulder, he wanted to be able to zoom into one of the pictures and I mentioned figuring out a way to send the picture to his phone (a smartphone). Well, him being Mr. Smarty-Old-Pants, he pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the picture on my screen. Voila–he had the picture on his phone without having to use data to access it while he was at the shop.

‘Course, I’m the Luddite of the pair of us. My phone makes phone calls and receives/sends text messages (typed on a 0-9 number pad). When he took me to Verizon to try to change my pre-paid plan into another line on his account, he started showing me new flip-phones to replace mine. After the 3rd time telling him I wasn’t interested in a new phone, I looked him in the eye and dropped my phone on the concrete floor. It broke into 3 pieces. I put the battery back into it and reattached the back cover and turned it on. He shut up after that.


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