A Wee Murder in My Shop

This book started out pretty slow. I actually started it well before we left on our trip, but didn’t get past the 2nd chapter and left it next to the bed while we were gone.

I think the problem (which happened a few times) was simply poor character introduction. There were too many times when really important details seemed to get dropped in out of thin air. I was kind of surprised to learn that Ms. Stewart already has a very successful book series out–it seems like an amateurish mistake. The In Medias Res intro didn’t help.

Anyway, once I finally got into the book and figured out what was really going on (i.e. that yoga isn’t important to the story), I kind of fell in love with the story. I didn’t read the blurb on the back of the book before I started reading it so I wasn’t expecting the ghost at all! I found myself laughing out loud many times at her getting crazy looks for talking to him in public. I hate the name Peggy gave him, though. Dirk. It’s very 80’s romance novelish–blech! Not my cup of tea.

The murder plot felt unexpected even though it’s pretty standard fair. I liked the history lessons and historical aspects. I wasn’t a fan of the titles on the chapters–whenever I read them (which was only a few), it seemed to give too much away. I need the next book, though. I want to know more about Dirk! He’s a fascinating character!


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