The Idea Bank

This isn’t my first go at blogging and my previous problem has always been with actually keeping up with it. I used my old blog purely as a dump for my feelings on politics and current events during college when I didn’t want to actually talk to folks about these as I worked my way from childhood to adulthood. Pretty much the only thing I learned was that I can out-debate myself, which is why my essays in college always got mediocre grades. It isn’t good when your argumentative essay only results in you completely changing your perspective by the end of the concluding paragraph (though in my case, I usually had a pretty flimsy belief in my original choice to begin with). I’m still this way, which doesn’t bother me. I like being able to agree and disagree with both sides of an argument because that means that I’m living in the real world with all it’s grayness.

Anyway, I want this blog to be much more coherent. I want my book reviews to challenge me to actually think about what I read, even if I’m reading wonderful pop-fiction romance novels. I want my delves into my personal life to not be simply rants, but interesting tidbits of what it’s like to be dating a guy 19 (and 2 weeks) older than me at the “tender” (or maybe advanced) age (I’m reading Sense and Sensibility right now) of 26. And I do want to set myself the challenge of posting more than just when I feel like I have something I need to say. Which brings me to the Idea Bank.

I was looking for a simple list of questions or ideas to prompt me to think outside the box when it comes to posting. Something that would encourage me to reveal some deeper part of myself (because I’m an introvert who seems to be a “highly sensitive person” and who is probably on the Autism Spectrum, so I try to avoid emotions and feelings as a rule). Because I don’t want this blog to turn into a rant-fest. I want a place that I can be proud of showing off rather than hiding in my own private corner of the interwebs while I try to figure out what exactly I believe and think.

Anyway, it’s getting late and 5-7am comes mighty early. Hmm…I think I shall have to write 3 posts simply to explain all the allusions I’ve made in this one, haha. But telling myself I won’t write after 12am has never worked (but at least I’ve convinced myself that I need to stay away from Fox News after 8pm). Gah! Say goodnight, Cathy!

“Good Night, Cathy”


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